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At Power Pitch, we seek to encourage students from the last semesters at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola to present their projects to a jury, which, inspired by the Shark Tank tv show, looks on the pre-pitch and Power Pitch instances for the best projects of the final classes related to entrepreneurship to take them to the next level with the calls offered by USIL Ventures, such as Startup USIL & BioStartup.



Entering the world of startups begins from the early stages of training. For this reason, we have the Innova Ideas contest for students of San Ignacio de Loyola, supported by USIL Ventures, incubator and accelerator of the San Ignacio de Loyola Educational Group, one of the six best incubators in the country.

This contest has three categories:

  • USIL
  • Entrepreneurs Institute
  • CPEL

Refer to the rules of the current edition here

What’s Startup USIL?

It is the call to attract entrepreneurial talent from USIL Ventures, which seeks the best startups in the country in order to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of a market that is increasingly concerned about its quality of life, respects the environment and that is responsible to society.

The verticals with which you can participate are:

  • Industries 4.0
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Gastronomy
  • EduTech
  • Agritech
  • FinTech

What are we looking for?

Startups solving different problems in an innovative way, respecting the environment and the environment where they operate.

What do we offer?

What’s BioStartup?

BioStartup is one of the benchmarks in bio-businesses in Peru and South America.

This program focuses on developing ideas and businesses that revolve around promoting natural products from various regions of Peru.

What are we looking for?

To identify and promote proposals with a bio approach that incorporate contributions that may be useful and can be quickly and practically implemented, that have a positive impact on the environment and that manage to reduce the impact of other industries on it.

What do we offer?


ACelérate Program

Through the Acelérate program, we scout the most talented startups in Peru and Latin America to help them build successful global companies with an emphasis on technology and innovation. They work on three fundamental pillars: growth strategy, internationalization and capital raising.


We provide support to international startups that are interested in entering the Peruvian market, advising them on legal and tax processes, marketing, commercial, negotiation, etc. as well as connecting them with potential clients, partners and institutions interested in working with the startup in question, thus guaranteeing a controlled and successful landing.