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Mention in Innovation management





Mention in Entrepreneurship

This program is aimed at students from all careers of Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola who have a minimum of 100 academic credits at the time of enrolment.

In the mention, the student will develop enough skills to successfully create their own startup.

By using the Design Thinking methodology, business opportunities are identified and validated with the Lean Startup method, creating business models to be implemented.

The economic cash flow of the validated business model is formulated, evaluating its profitability.

The financing options accessible for the entrepreneur are reviewed, the financial cash flow of the business model is formulated and the startup is created.

The market entry strategy is designed and implemented, and the startup’s operations are started, promoting the first formal sales.

Mention in Innovation management

Exclusive program for students of the Faculty of Business Sciences of the San Ignacio de Loyola University who have a minimum of 80 credits at the time of enrollment.

The mention aims to train professionals prepared for the development and execution of technological innovation projects for companies, startups and entities from all industrial sectors focused on corporate growth and sustainability.

Know and apply the various technologies such as open innovation.

The thematic content of the course includes the diverse perspectives of innovation at the international level.

Generate and use technology in order to accumulate knowledge and skills required to successfully explain innovative processes and enable their continuous improvement.

Its purpose of providing knowledge to students so that they know the organizational culture, the culture of innovation and the areas of innovation within the organization.